New Product

Wrights Lattice Topped Gourmet Sausage Rolls With Caramelised Onions 35 x 198g

Lattice topped gourmet gourmet sausage roll with caramelised onion. 198g compared to our standard sausage roll weight 120g.

New Product


Roast Chicken Skewers 5 x 1kg

Chicken breast chunks, skewered and roasted. Ideal for main plate meals served over rice and topped with a sauce, or simply heated and served as a healthier option. Great on the BBQ too.

New Products

Wrights Chicken Balti Pies 24 x 240g

Chicken pieces in a balti sauce with coriander pastry and a sprinkle of cumin seeds on the lid.

Chicken Tikka, Onion Bhaji, Yoghurt & Mint (1kg)

Sliced chicken marinated in tikka spices mixed with pieces of onion bhajis in a yoghurt mint & dressing

Cajun & Tomato Chicken (1kg)

Sliced chicken breast in an authentic cajun & tomato Mayonnaise

March Newsletter

Wrights Spicy Potato & Cauliflower Pies
24 x 250g
A shortcrust pastry case filled with spicy potato and cauliflower, topped with a puff pastry lid and sprinkled with cumin seeds.
Suitable for Vegans. 


£16.00 per box
Wrights Moroccan Style Tomato & Chickpea Pies
24 x 250g
A shortcrust pastry case filled with tomatoes, chickpeas, onions and dried apricots, topped with a puff pastry lid.
Suitable for Vegans.


£18.00 per box