New Products


Sun Magic – Orange & Carrot Vitamin Juice 12x 500ml

Packed with sweetness and fortified with essential vitamins. Contains one of your 5 a day.

Sun Magic – Tropical Juice 12x 500ml

A refreshing blend of exotic fruits. Contains one of your 5 a day.

Sun Magic – Summer Sensation (Low Cal) 12x 500ml

Bursting with vibrant summer fruit. A delicious light fruit juice that offers all the taste without the calories.

New Products

Chicken Rajita 1kg

Chicken pieces flavoured with traditional tikka spices, wrapped in a yoghurt & mint dressing.

Chicken Shawarma 1kg

Sliced chicken in a creamy mayonnaise and shawarma glaze.

Halloween Cake

Millionaires Halloween Cake

This millionaire’s chocolate cake has a layer of chocolate and caramel frosting and filled with crispy chocolate balls for that added crunch. Topped with pumpkin sweets and chocolate bats. Suggested serving 14 portion.






New Products

Lebanese Chicken 1kg

Chicken breast slices in Lebanese harra sauce.






Teriyaki Chicken 1kg

Chicken breast slices in Teriyaki sauce







Real Handcooked Chicken Peri-Peri Crisps 

24 x 35g