April Newsletter


Flavoured Tortilla Wraps

Beetroot Wraps and Pumpkin Wraps both 40 x 30cm (12″)

Switch things up with flavoured wraps for increased appeal and fun, a twist on traditional handheld offerings.

Features and benefits:

* Vibrant and colourful *
* Soft-eating and flexible *
* Each contains 1 of your 5 a day *
* Source of fibre *
* Defrost and serve or microwave/oven bake to serve warm *
* Suitable for vegetarians and vegans *
* Defrosted shelf-life = 2 days *
Launch price £11.90
Ongoing price £13.90


Crucials Chilli Ketchup 1ltr

New Crucial sauce, Chilli Ketchup 1ltr
Thick & Rich Tomato Ketchup with a kick of Chilli

Marinated Lemon Pepper (1kg) 

Chicken Breast Slices seasoned in a Lemon & Pepper Marinate and Concentrate

£1.00 off per kg throughout April

Steak Canadian 50x40g 

Cut very thinly and doesn’t take long to cook, great if you want to offer a quick hot meal solution. Serve with fried onions on floury baps or ciabatta and a nice salad

 Saving £1.50 per box

Uncle Bens Tikka Masala Sauce (2×2.24kg) 

A richly flavoured Indian style curry with tomatoes,
coriander and cream
£2.50 saving per case

Sidoli Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy 12ptn

Layers of chocolate sponge, rich chocolate flavour mousse and lumpy bumpy cheesecake, all smothered with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with pecans, chocolate chunks and finally drizzled with chocolate fudge

£1.50 off in April



New Flavoured Tortilla Wraps – Serving Suggestions

Pumpkin Wrap

BBQ Chicken & Pumpkin Wrap

  • Spread the pumpkin wrap with Hummus
  • Place BBQ Chicken, chopped lettuce leaves and sprinkle with cheese
  • Roll the wrap, cut in half and serve

Tandoori Chicken Pumpkin Wrap

Feta, Spinach Pumpkin Wrap

  • Spread the wrap with Feta Salad, top with spinach leaves
  • Roll the wrap
  • Place the wrap in a panini grill or heated oven and warm through, cut in half and serve

Beetroot Wrap

Beetroot Wrap with Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

Beetroot, Hummus & Feta Cheese Wrap

  • Spread the wrap with Hummus
  • Place Feta salad and rocket leaves on top
  • Roll up the wrap and serve

Honey Chilli Chicken & Beetroot Wrap

  • Place the Honey Chilli Chicken, sliced avocado, red onion and lettuce onto a warmed wrap.
  • Roll the wrap cut in half and serve.

March Newsletter

Flavours Marinated Piri Piri Chicken 1kg

Why not try our Marinated Piri Piri Chicken, sliced Chicken Breast in an Authentic Piri Piri Sauce. A versatile product that can be served hot or cold, in a sandwich, on a salad or maybe try as a pizza topping. 
£1.00 off list price

Caesar Tasca Bread 24x100g

As seen above. Fully baked, folded soft bread pocket with cracked pepper & Italian cheese topping. Simply thaw & fill. Can be served cold, warm or toasted panini style.

£1.50 off throughout March

Flavours Three Bean Salad 1kg

Red Kidney Beans, Green Beans and Butter Beans with Sweetcorn and Carrot in a traditional French Dressing.
50p saving this month

Lamb Weston Skin On Wedges 4×2.5kg

Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges 4×2.5kg 

Lamb Weston Skin On Wedges

 Save £2.00 throughout March

Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges

£1.00 off list price

Blue Stilton 1/4
(Average weight 2kg)

‘The King Of English Cheeses!’

£1.00 saving per kilo

Glenmyr Prawns 2kg

North Atlantic cooked & peeled ‘Double Frozen’ prawns ideal for salads and sandwiches. 150-250lb

£2.00 off per bag

Wrights Cream Cake Assortment (15)

Contains 3 each of Chocolate Eclairs, Finger Doughnuts, Fruit Scones, Apple Turnovers and Black Forrest Muffins.
Frozen baked.
£1.50 off throughout March

12″ and 18″ Cling Film

30cm/45cm x 300m for professional catering use.
Multipurpose, general use cling film.
Both lines £1.00 off