Sauce Sachets 


Harrisons Sauce Sachets
Brown, Tomato, Salad Cream and Mayonnaise
200 x 10g sachets

Down in price throughout August saving you 50p per case

Penne Pasta Quills 

Penne is traditionally cooked al dente and can be served with pasta sauces such as our Dolmio ready made ‘Tomato and Basil’ or ‘Bolognaise’.

Penne is a popular ingredient in pasta salads and extremely versatile for many applications.

Pack Size – 4 x 3kg

Saving of £2.00 per case

Mature White Cheddar


Mature White Cheddar, with a rich, punchy and savoury well rounded flavour.

Down in price throughout August with a saving of 50p per kg

Supreme Cooked Turkey 


Just the breast and nothing but the breast.
Cooked slowly in their own juices and vacuum sealed for freshness. The Turkey Supreme  is ready for you to slice so you can decide upon the thickness. Serve cold or re-heat for a hot sandwich or a flavoursome meat for a meal.

A fantastic saving of £1.00 per kg throughout August 



Do you want to provide the aroma and taste of freshly baked bread? If you do then why not buy our ‘part baked’ sandwich baguette. Just pop it in the oven for 8-10 minutes and you will have the perfect fresh baguette to serve to your customers.
30 x 125g

Want to save time, or don’t have anywhere to bake off your own bread? Then our ‘thaw and serve‘ sandwich baguettes are ideal.
30 x 125g

Saving of £1.00 per case throughout August