September Newsletter

Battered Pickin Chicken 4 x 1kg
Fully cooked, hand cut chicken pieces coated
with golden crispy breadcrumbs.

Quick Cook from Frozen, Oven Bake or Deep Fry.

£4.00 off per case

Crispy Hot Wings 3 x 1kg
Fully cooked chicken wings in a hot & spicy crispy coating.

Quick Cook from Frozen, Oven Bake or Deep Fry.

Saving £1.50 per case

September Newsletter

Hand Held Authentic Italian
Stone Baked Pizzas 32 x 170g
Traditional style stone baked flat bread coated with an authentic tomato base. Perfect single serve portion, an ideal alternative to the lunchtime sandwich.
Available in 4 flavours.

All with a discount of £5.00 per case throughout September

Mediterranean Vegetable
A topping of red & yellow sliced peppers and zucchini finished with a sprinkling of Italian hard cheese.
£33.90 – £1.06 each

Ham & Cheese
Topped with cooked ham stamps, mozzarella cheese and a sprinkle of oregano.
£35.90 – £1.12 each

Chicken & Pesto
Slices of cooked chicken breast and pesto sauce with mozzarella and hard cheese.
£37.45 – £1.17 each

A topping of pepperoni discs and mozzarella cheese.
£37.80 – £1.18 each

Mixed Cake Bars 20
Each box contains;
7 Shortbread with a layer of caramel and chocolate flavour topping,
7 Tempting Chocolate Brownie with a soft cake texture,
6 Rocky Road with sultanas, marshmallows and cherries.
Launch Price £7.95 case
Ongoing £8.95
FRijj Milkshakes 6 x 400ml
Voted No.1 Milk Drink in the UK, 2019 Product of the Year.
Ambient stored product, offers long shelf life.
100% British Milk and made in the UK
Naturally high in protein
Available in 3 flavours
Banana, Chocolate and Strawberry

£3.90 – 65p Bottle
5p Bottle off standard price

August Newsletter

Ambient 12″ Tortilla Wraps 1×108
Looking for an alternative to sliced bread?
Why not try our Tortilla Wraps, packed 6 x 18.
Suitable for freezing.

£3.00 off per case

August Newsletter

Wrights Red Thai Slice 36 x 175g
Red Thai Filling made with Butternut Squash, Green Beans, Onions and Peppers encased in a light puff pastry.

Launch Price £17.00
(Ongoing £19.00)

Wrights Premium Sausage Rolls 40 x 190g
A premium pork roll with over 40% British pork Lincolnshire fill, encased in a butter enriched pastry and topped with cracked black pepper.

Launch Price £28.95
(Ongoing £30.95)

Individual Quiche 1 x 15 (8cm)
A new range of individual quiche in an assortment of popular flavours, all made with free-range eggs.

All £2.50 off throughout August

Broccoli & Stilton
Tender broccoli florets, rich Stilton and extra mature Cheddar.

Mature Cheddar & Mushroom
Sautee’d mushrooms and extra mature Cheddar.

Smoked English bacon, outdoor-bred ham and mature Cheddar.

Leek & Mature Cheddar
Sautee’d leeks and extra mature Cheddar.

Individual Tartlets 1 x 15 (9cm)

Saving £2.50 per case 

Tart au Citron (Gluten Free) 

Tangy lemon cream tart set in our rich all butter sweet pastry case, finished with a light dusting of neige decor.


Chocolate & Espresso Tart
(Gluten Free)

Rich Belgian chocolate & espresso infussion set in our rich all butter sweet pastry case, finished with crumbled chocolate coffee beans.


Raspberry & Almond Tart
(Gluten Free)

Ripe raspberries delicately deposited into rich frangipan set in our all butter sweet pastry case and finished with a light mirroir glaze.


Tart au Chocolate (Gluten Free) 

Baked Belgian chocolate tart set in our rich all butter sweet pastry case, finished with a gold splatter garnish. 

Pear & Almond
(Gluten Free)

All butter gluten free sweet pastry case filled with rich frangipan and a lightly brulee’d pear half.