September Newsletter

Wrights Corned Beef Pastie
36 x 185g
A blend of potato & corned beef encased in a puff pastry, rectangular in shape.
Designed to be baked fresh in your shop.

£2.00 off
Hoi Sin Duck 1kg
Shredded Duck in a thick and fragrant Hoi Sin Sauce
Saving £1.00 this month
Youngs Jumbo Battered Cod Fish Fingers
36 x 70g
Cod Fish Fingers in a chip shop batter. Quick to cook straight from frozen; oven bake, deep fry or grill. 
£2.00 off
BBQ Sausage & Roast
Onion 1kg 
Chopped Sausage and Onion mixed in a rich BBQ sauce
£1.00 Off this month
Panesco Mini Bruschetta
Variety of authentic bruschetta slices, rubbed with oil, garlic & tomato and topped with three different tasteful toppings: Spinach & Feta, Salami, Cheese & Peppers and Cheese & Tomato.
£3.00 Off
Mozzarella Block
(Average weight 2.3kg)
Semi-hard mozzarella suitable for slicing, shredding, grating. The characteristics that define this versatile cheese is superior melt with a clean, creamy flavour. 
Saving of £1.00 per kg
Purity Juice Burst 12 x 330ml
Every bottle counts as 1 of your 5 a day and has NO ADDED SUGAR.
School approved this range is compliant with English government legislation and contains 45% fruit juice.
All Purity 330ml Flavours -50p per case

August Newsletter

Raspberry Lemonade 12 x 500ml
Introductory price £6.39
Give your tastebuds a treat!
New to our Juice Burst range Raspberry Lemonade. 
List price after launch £7.39
Uncle Bens Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce 2 x 2.54kg
Launch Price £10.95
A sweet, hot and spicy chilli sauce with a hint of garlic.
Use straight from the jar, either as a sauce, marinade, dip, filling or topping. Just add Chicken Strips or Slices for a great meal solution.
List Price  £14.95

August Newsletter

National Burger Day
23rd August
Enjoy a nice juicy burger with your favourite toppings! 
4oz 100% Burgers 48x113g
£1.50 off per case
A quality burger with a handmade-style texture.
100% pure beef.
Cheese ‘Burger’ Slices 112×12.5g
£1.00 off
Cheese slices great for melting on top of burgers or using in toasted cheese sandwiches.
Crucial Burger Relish 1 litre
A fruity American relish.
Great on barbecued food and salads. 

Crucial American Mustard 1 litre
A mild yellow mustard.
Ideal on hot dogs, burgers, ribs, steaks and sandwiches.

Crucial Tomato Ketchup 1 litre
Thick, rich and fruity ketchup.
A great addition to your favourite snacks.
Marinated BBQ Pulled Pork 1kg 
£1.00 off

Why not create a gourmet Burger with our Pulled Pork seasoned with a blend of BBQ seasoning and an authentic BBQ sauce.

Rustic Coleslaw 1kg
£1.00 off

Sliced Red Cabbage, Grated White Cabbage, Carrot and Red Onion all mixed in an Extra Thick Mayonnaise.

Butter Portions 100 x 7g
75p off per box
Wrapped in foil, these individual portions are convenient and help reduce waste. 
Sidoli Lemon Drizzle Cake 14 portion
£1.50 off this month
The Sidoli Lemon Drizzle Cake is a zesty experience, made using lemon oil, infused with grated lemon zest, and finally soaked in lemon juice and finished with crunchy sugar crystals. It?s perfect with a pot of tea on a warm sunny day or for a warm winter treat just microwave a slice from frozen and serve with lashings of custard.
Purity Juice Burst 12 x 500ml
50p off per case this month
Every Juice Burst is not only packed with flavour, but also with the natural goodness from real fruit, meaning they?re a tasty way to get 1 of your 5 a day.

No added sugar, means the Juice Burst range is sugar tax exempt.