New Products


Et Voila Balti Curry Sauce

A medium spiced Indian style curry sauce with tomatoes and onion.

Et Voila Bolognese Pasta Sauce

An authentic Italian style tomato sauce with onion, garlic, herbs and spices.

Et Voila Chilli Con Carne Sauce

A traditional Mexican style chilli con carne sauce prepared with tomatoes, onions and red peppers.

Et Voila Mexican Salsa Sauce

A chunky, flavourful Mexican salsa sauce.

Et Voila Sweet & Sour Vegetable Sauce

An oriental style sweet & sour sauce with crunchy vegetables, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots.

Et Voila Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce

A sweet, hot and spicy chilli sauce with a hint of garlic.

Et Voila Tikka Masala Sauce

A creamy. aromatic mild curry sauce with traditional Indian spices.

Et Voila Tomato & Basil Sauce

An authentic sauce, full of gentle aromas and fragrant basil.

New Products

Introducing new additions to our Brown & Blond Brownie range

Nutella Brownie (20 ptn)

Classic chocolate brownie, topped with a layer of velvety, hazelnutty, delicious Nutella spread.

Peanut Butter Blondie (20 ptn)

A peanut butter and Belgian white chocolate base, topped with crunchy salted peanuts.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Brownie (20 ptn)

Classic Belgian chocolate brownie, with white chocolate chips and tangy raspberry pieces.

Triple Chocolate Brownie (20 ptn)

Rich, velvety smooth Belgian chocolate brownie filled with milk chocolate and white chocolate chunks.



New Products

Artisan Banana, Pecan & Toffee Traycake (14 ptn)

Banana, pecan & toffee traycake with a cinnamon frosting topped with toffee sauce and caramelised pecans.

Artisan Coconut, Lime, Pistachio & Courgette Traycake (14 ptn)

Moist courgette & coconut cake filled with zesty lime curd and vanilla buttercream, topped with flaked coconut, pistachio nuts.

Artisan Coffee & Walnut Cake GF (14 ptn)

Naked triple layer coffee cake with espresso buttercream, topped with dark chocolate shards and walnuts.

New Product

Brown & Blond Brownies

Delicious gooey, rich, chocolatey brownies.

Original Chocolate Brownie (20)

A deliciously gooey, classic Belgian chocolate brownie.

Creme Egg (20)

Belgian chocolate brownie with bursts of sweet fondant flavour; topped with Cadburys Creme egg halves.

Mini Egg (24)

Squidgy Belgian chocolate brownie with crisp Cadburys chocolate shells centred with milk chocolate.


New Product


Diggers Buttermilk Chicken Fillets 40x125g

Tender chicken fillets coated in crispy golden breadcrumbs.
Packed 5 x 1kg