April Newsletter

Bacon packaging format

As part of our ongoing transition to change the pack sizes of our Bacon from 2.268kg to 2kg we will, over the coming weeks reduce the packed weight of both our Select Back and Cater Back lines.

In addition, our Premier and Blue Label Bacon products will also see changes in their packing format. Although initially sourced by our supplier from different factories within the EU these lines for the past few months have been made from the same raw ingredients. We have therefore taken the decision to replace the two lines with one product.. ‘Premier Blue Label’. This will result in a label change but the product itself will be the same. When introduced this product will also be in the 2kg format.

All lines changing from a 2.268kg pack to a 2kg pack will be priced pro-rata so the price per kg will remain the same.

Soft drinks tax

As you may well have heard over recent months, as of 6th April 2018 there will be a Soft Drinks Industry Tax to drinks with added sugar. The tax will be charged in two bands: 18p per litre for drinks containing between 5g and <8g of sugar per 100ml and 24p per litre for drinks over 8g per 100ml.

Coca Cola GB in their wisdom have also taken this time to increase prices throughout their range. As a result a case of Coca Cola Cans would be subject to an increase of £3.50+v. Bottles would increase by £4.50+v case.

To lessen this impact our company has taken the decision to ‘wherever possible’ replace the GB Coca Cola lines with stock from Ireland. This is obviously the same product, has full UK text and would be approximately £1.50 per case cheaper than the new GB price.

The Soft Drinks Industry in general feels badly let down by Coca Cola GB. It is hoped that in the near future they see reason and revert their new pricing policy.

Our new pricing structure for beverages will be implemented w/c 9th April.