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Sandwich Fillings, Salads & Marinates

From Monday 8th November we will be changing our process for ordering fresh Sandwich Fillings, Salads & Marinated Meats.  We ask that any orders which include these items are ordered before 3pm. Thank you

New Product

Wrights Lattice Topped Gourmet Sausage Rolls With Caramelised Onions 35 x 198g

Lattice topped gourmet gourmet sausage roll with caramelised onion. 198g compared to our standard sausage roll weight 120g.

August Bank Holiday

Our office will be CLOSED on Monday 30th August 2021.

If you have any queries about your delivery days please contact our Sales Department 01977 613053.

New Product


Roast Chicken Skewers 5 x 1kg

Chicken breast chunks, skewered and roasted. Ideal for main plate meals served over rice and topped with a sauce, or simply heated and served as a healthier option. Great on the BBQ too.