March Newsletter

Flavours Marinated Piri Piri Chicken 1kg

Why not try our Marinated Piri Piri Chicken, sliced Chicken Breast in an Authentic Piri Piri Sauce. A versatile product that can be served hot or cold, in a sandwich, on a salad or maybe try as a pizza topping. 
£1.00 off list price

Caesar Tasca Bread 24x100g

As seen above. Fully baked, folded soft bread pocket with cracked pepper & Italian cheese topping. Simply thaw & fill. Can be served cold, warm or toasted panini style.

£1.50 off throughout March

Flavours Three Bean Salad 1kg

Red Kidney Beans, Green Beans and Butter Beans with Sweetcorn and Carrot in a traditional French Dressing.
50p saving this month

Lamb Weston Skin On Wedges 4×2.5kg

Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges 4×2.5kg 

Lamb Weston Skin On Wedges

 Save £2.00 throughout March

Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges

£1.00 off list price

Blue Stilton 1/4
(Average weight 2kg)

‘The King Of English Cheeses!’

£1.00 saving per kilo

Glenmyr Prawns 2kg

North Atlantic cooked & peeled ‘Double Frozen’ prawns ideal for salads and sandwiches. 150-250lb

£2.00 off per bag

Wrights Cream Cake Assortment (15)

Contains 3 each of Chocolate Eclairs, Finger Doughnuts, Fruit Scones, Apple Turnovers and Black Forrest Muffins.
Frozen baked.
£1.50 off throughout March

12″ and 18″ Cling Film

30cm/45cm x 300m for professional catering use.
Multipurpose, general use cling film.
Both lines £1.00 off