July Newsletter

Four deliciously tempting,
deep filled tray bakes.
New to Premier Quality Foods
from Artisan Bakes.

All £2.00 off this month

Ultimate Salted Caramel Brownie
Traybake (Gluten Free) 14 portion
Dense brownie layered with salted caramel, topped with brownie chunks and a ganache drizzle.


Super Seed, Berry & Honey
Granola Traybake 14 portion
Goodness bar packed full with oats, coconut, berries, dried fruits, honey and super seeds.


Triple Chocolate Caramel
Flapjack 14 portion
All butter flapjack with caramel and dark chocolate drizzle with white and milk chocolate chunks.


Oreo Rocky Brownie
Stack 14 portion
Brownie topped with white chocolate Oreo rocky road drizzles with dark chocolate ganache and Oreo crumbs.