November Newsletter

Chilli Cheese 1kg
£1.00 Off this month
Coloured Cheese and jalapeno peppers in a hot and fruity Mango Chutney with Chilli Sauce. Seen in the image above as a ‘spicy twist’ on the classic croque monsieur (please try this, it works really well). Great also on Jacket Potatoes and as a Panini filling.
Chicken Curry 2.5kg 
£2.00 Off throughout November
Chicken Breast, Peas and Onion mixed in an authentic Curry Sauce. Simply heat and serve with either Rice or a Jacket Potato for a quick and convenient hot meal solution.


Jacket Potatoes 30x310g 
Saving £2.00 Per box

HP 10 Jacket Potato Box (500) 
£4.00 Off per case

Spinach & Feta Filo Parcel 40x200g
£2.00 Off this month 
Greek Pastry Parcels filled with Spinach, Mizithra Cheese, Feta Cheese, Onion and Leeks.
Festive Sandwich Filling 1kg   

(Launched Monday 12th November)
Turkey, Chicken, Sausage and Bacon
in a Cranberry, Sage & Onion Chutney with Mayonnaise.
Wrights Mince Pies 27x65g
Price £6.50 (24p each)
Back in time for Christmas our ever popular Wrights Mince Pies.

A rich pastry case filled with luxury Mincemeat, baked to perfection and lightly dusted with icing sugar.

October Newsletter

Introducing our new meat free
alternative sandwich fillings!!!

Jackfruit is the largest tree fruit in the world. This sweet, delicious, exotic fruit is packed with many antioxidants, nutrients and health benefits. The texture of Jackfruit is similar to Chicken or Pork and has been used commonly as a meat substitute throughout Asia for years.

Chilli Con Carne Jackfruit 1kg
A vegan twist on the classic chilli con carne. Pulled Jackfruit with tomatoes & kidney beans in a classic chilli sauce. Ideal on wraps, as a jacket potato topping or simply heat and serve with rice for a vegan meal solution.

Launch price £5.55 throughout October
List £6.55 

BBQ Jackfruit 1kg
Pulled Jackfruit & onion in an authentic smokey BBQ sauce. A vegan alternative to BBQ Pulled Pork.

Launch price £5.55 throughout October
List £6.55 

October Newsletter

Marinated Minted Lamb 1kg

Sliced Lamb in a mint & paprika sauce.

Saving £1.00 this month

Sliced Pepperoni 1kg

Sliced Pepperoni not just for pizzas! Can be used in salads, sandwiches or on baked potatoes 

£1.00 Off per kg 

Check out our spooky offerings for Halloween…

Halloween Cupcakes 9×2

A delicious cupcake filled with Raspberry jam and topped with a sugar paste Halloween Decoration.

82p for twin pack

Gingerbread Pumpkin 30

A spooky Gingerbread Pumpkin made with premium ingredients using a traditional recipe.

44p each

Pumpkin Tortilla Wraps 40x30cm

A twist on traditional handheld offerings.
Vibrant and colourful, contains 1 of your 5 a day.

£1.00 Off per case 

September Newsletter

Wrights Corned Beef Pastie
36 x 185g
A blend of potato & corned beef encased in a puff pastry, rectangular in shape.
Designed to be baked fresh in your shop.

£2.00 off
Hoi Sin Duck 1kg
Shredded Duck in a thick and fragrant Hoi Sin Sauce
Saving £1.00 this month
Youngs Jumbo Battered Cod Fish Fingers
36 x 70g
Cod Fish Fingers in a chip shop batter. Quick to cook straight from frozen; oven bake, deep fry or grill. 
£2.00 off
BBQ Sausage & Roast
Onion 1kg 
Chopped Sausage and Onion mixed in a rich BBQ sauce
£1.00 Off this month
Panesco Mini Bruschetta
Variety of authentic bruschetta slices, rubbed with oil, garlic & tomato and topped with three different tasteful toppings: Spinach & Feta, Salami, Cheese & Peppers and Cheese & Tomato.
£3.00 Off
Mozzarella Block
(Average weight 2.3kg)
Semi-hard mozzarella suitable for slicing, shredding, grating. The characteristics that define this versatile cheese is superior melt with a clean, creamy flavour. 
Saving of £1.00 per kg
Purity Juice Burst 12 x 330ml
Every bottle counts as 1 of your 5 a day and has NO ADDED SUGAR.
School approved this range is compliant with English government legislation and contains 45% fruit juice.
All Purity 330ml Flavours -50p per case

August Newsletter

National Burger Day
23rd August
Enjoy a nice juicy burger with your favourite toppings! 
4oz 100% Burgers 48x113g
£1.50 off per case
A quality burger with a handmade-style texture.
100% pure beef.
Cheese ‘Burger’ Slices 112×12.5g
£1.00 off
Cheese slices great for melting on top of burgers or using in toasted cheese sandwiches.
Crucial Burger Relish 1 litre
A fruity American relish.
Great on barbecued food and salads. 

Crucial American Mustard 1 litre
A mild yellow mustard.
Ideal on hot dogs, burgers, ribs, steaks and sandwiches.

Crucial Tomato Ketchup 1 litre
Thick, rich and fruity ketchup.
A great addition to your favourite snacks.
Marinated BBQ Pulled Pork 1kg 
£1.00 off

Why not create a gourmet Burger with our Pulled Pork seasoned with a blend of BBQ seasoning and an authentic BBQ sauce.

Rustic Coleslaw 1kg
£1.00 off

Sliced Red Cabbage, Grated White Cabbage, Carrot and Red Onion all mixed in an Extra Thick Mayonnaise.

Butter Portions 100 x 7g
75p off per box
Wrapped in foil, these individual portions are convenient and help reduce waste. 
Sidoli Lemon Drizzle Cake 14 portion
£1.50 off this month
The Sidoli Lemon Drizzle Cake is a zesty experience, made using lemon oil, infused with grated lemon zest, and finally soaked in lemon juice and finished with crunchy sugar crystals. It?s perfect with a pot of tea on a warm sunny day or for a warm winter treat just microwave a slice from frozen and serve with lashings of custard.
Purity Juice Burst 12 x 500ml
50p off per case this month
Every Juice Burst is not only packed with flavour, but also with the natural goodness from real fruit, meaning they?re a tasty way to get 1 of your 5 a day.

No added sugar, means the Juice Burst range is sugar tax exempt.