September Newsletter

Battered Pickin Chicken 4 x 1kg
Fully cooked, hand cut chicken pieces coated
with golden crispy breadcrumbs.

Quick Cook from Frozen, Oven Bake or Deep Fry.

£4.00 off per case

Crispy Hot Wings 3 x 1kg
Fully cooked chicken wings in a hot & spicy crispy coating.

Quick Cook from Frozen, Oven Bake or Deep Fry.

Saving £1.50 per case

August Newsletter

Ambient 12″ Tortilla Wraps 1×108
Looking for an alternative to sliced bread?
Why not try our Tortilla Wraps, packed 6 x 18.
Suitable for freezing.

£3.00 off per case

July Newsletter

Yazoo Milkshakes
10 x 400ml

Yazoo milk drinks are full of the goodness that milk has to offer, such as calcium, protein and vitamin B to help maintain and build strong bones!

Available in Banana, Chocolate or Strawberry flavour.

£1.00 off
per tray


June Newsletter

Mozzarella, Jalapeno &
Pepperoni Light 1kg
Grated mozzarella cheese with pepperoni and hot & spicy jalapeno peppers,  in a light, reduced fat mayonnaise.

New ongoing lower price of £5.45
Previously £6.65 

Warehouse Clearance
Take advantage of these offers, only while stocks last.
Making way for new exciting lines! 

Juice Burst 330ml Strawberry & Apple

Juice Burst 330ml Berry

Juice Burst 330ml Sour Cherry

Saving £1.00 per case

Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange) 24 x 330ml

Oranges and blood oranges from Italy, these are the base of its delightful, intense fragrance.

£2.00 off per case

April Newsletter

Marinated Tandoori Chicken 1kg
Sliced chicken breast seasoned in tandoori herbs and spices.

Saving £1.00 this month

Marinated Chicken Tikka 1kg
Sliced chicken breast marinated in authentic tikka spices

£1.00 off throughout April

Supreme Turkey average weight 2.3kg
Cooked turkey breast made from selected cuts of turkey.

Saving £1.00 kg

Real Crisps NEW CASE SIZE 24 x 35g
Real Crisps pick the best potatoes, slice them and then hand cook them to make tasty.
Available in Cheese & Onion, Oak Smoked BBQ Rib, Roast Ox, Ham & Mustard, Salt & Vinegar, Sea Salt and Sweet Chilli.

£2.00 off per case this month

Purity Juice Burst 12 x 500ml 
Every Juice Burst is not only packed with flavour, but also with the natural goodness from real fruit, meaning they are a tasty way to get 1 of your 5 a day. No added sugar, means the Juice Burst range is sugar tax exempt.

50p off per case this month