December Newsletter


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a
very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Don’t forget to confirm your Christmas Delivery Days with your driver/sales contact

November Newsletter

Christmas Pork Pies
Christmas Pork Pies / Gourmet Pies
Order forms will be distributed mid November 2018.
Final order date Friday 7th December 2018.

April Newsletter

Bacon packaging format

As part of our ongoing transition to change the pack sizes of our Bacon from 2.268kg to 2kg we will, over the coming weeks reduce the packed weight of both our Select Back and Cater Back lines.

In addition, our Premier and Blue Lable Bacon products will also see changes in their packing format. Although initially sourced by our supplier from different factories within the EU these lines for the past few months have been made from the same raw ingredients. We have therefore taken the decision to replace the two lines with one product.. ‘Premier Blue Label’. This will result in a label change but the product itself will be the same. When introduced this product will also be in the 2kg format.

All lines changing from a 2.268kg pack to a 2kg pack will be priced pro-rata so the price per kg will remain the same.

Soft drinks tax

As you may well have heard over recent months, as of 6th April 2018 there will be a Soft Drinks Industry Tax to drinks with added sugar. The tax will be charged in two bands: 18p per litre for drinks containing between 5g and <8g of sugar per 100ml and 24p per litre for drinks over 8g per 100ml.

Coca Cola GB in their wisdom have also taken this time to increase prices throughout their range. As a result a case of Coca Cola Cans would be subject to an increase of £3.50+v. Bottles would increase by £4.50+v case.

To lessen this impact our company has taken the decision to ‘wherever possible’ replace the GB Coca Cola lines with stock from Ireland. This is obviously the same product, has full UK text and would be approximately £1.50 per case cheaper than the new GB price.

The Soft Drinks Industry in general feels badly let down by Coca Cola GB. It is hoped that in the near future they see reason and revert their new pricing policy.

Our new pricing structure for beverages will be implemented w/c 9th April.


March Newsletter

Flavours Marinated Piri Piri Chicken 1kg

Why not try our Marinated Piri Piri Chicken, sliced Chicken Breast in an Authentic Piri Piri Sauce. A versatile product that can be served hot or cold, in a sandwich, on a salad or maybe try as a pizza topping. 
£1.00 off list price

Caesar Tasca Bread 24x100g

As seen above. Fully baked, folded soft bread pocket with cracked pepper & Italian cheese topping. Simply thaw & fill. Can be served cold, warm or toasted panini style.

£1.50 off throughout March

Flavours Three Bean Salad 1kg

Red Kidney Beans, Green Beans and Butter Beans with Sweetcorn and Carrot in a traditional French Dressing.
50p saving this month

Lamb Weston Skin On Wedges 4×2.5kg

Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges 4×2.5kg 

Lamb Weston Skin On Wedges

 Save £2.00 throughout March

Farm Frites Seasoned Wedges

£1.00 off list price

Blue Stilton 1/4
(Average weight 2kg)

‘The King Of English Cheeses!’

£1.00 saving per kilo

Glenmyr Prawns 2kg

North Atlantic cooked & peeled ‘Double Frozen’ prawns ideal for salads and sandwiches. 150-250lb

£2.00 off per bag

Wrights Cream Cake Assortment (15)

Contains 3 each of Chocolate Eclairs, Finger Doughnuts, Fruit Scones, Apple Turnovers and Black Forrest Muffins.
Frozen baked.
£1.50 off throughout March

12″ and 18″ Cling Film

30cm/45cm x 300m for professional catering use.
Multipurpose, general use cling film.
Both lines £1.00 off 


February Newsletter


Meadowvale Homestyle Products

Introducing 2 new Meadowvale Homestyle Products to add to our popular Homestyle Breaded Fillets*
 *Also on promotion throughout February

The Meadowvale Homestyle range offers authentic whole muscle chicken products with innovative textured coatings.
Homestyle products are Halal & can be deep fried or oven baked.

Homestyle Hot & Spicy Chicken Strips 4x1kg

Strips of chicken breast fillets, fully cooked in a crunchy hot & spicy coating. 

Launch Price £19.90
List price £24.90

Homestyle Southern Fried Fillets 32x120g

Hand-cut and southern fried whole muscle Chicken fillets.
Launch Price £19.90
List price £24.90

Sidoli Angel Sparkle Cake 14 Pre-portion 

The ultimate tea shop cake!

A Victorian sponge cake with a twist; three layers of pink sponge with a soft yellow middle layer, all sandwiched together with buttercream and jam. It’s then steeped in buttercream and surrounded by natural coloured hundreds and thousands.

Launch Price £10.70
£1.50 Off List

New Easter Lines

Gingerbread Easter Bunny
22 ind. wrapped
44p each
Chocolate Easter Nest
18 ind. wrapped
49p each
Both available from 8th February

Flavours Honey Chilli Chicken 1kg
Sliced Chicken Breast encased in a chunky Honey and Chilli sauce
Flavours Ranch Style Pork 1kg
Pulled Pork with red onion and mixed peppers in an authentic BBQ Sauce
Both products £1.00 off throughout February

Goats Cheese Log 1kg

Made with pasteurised goat’s milk, soft, gentle and ideal for salads, grilling or simply adding to your cheeseboard.

£1.00 off throughout February

12″ and 18″ Foil

30cm/45cm x 75m for professional catering use.
Perfect for roasting & baking, helps seal in flavour.
Also ideal for wrapping and storing food.
Both £1.00 off throughout February