October Newsletter

Introducing our new meat free
alternative sandwich fillings!!!

Jackfruit is the largest tree fruit in the world. This sweet, delicious, exotic fruit is packed with many antioxidants, nutrients and health benefits. The texture of Jackfruit is similar to Chicken or Pork and has been used commonly as a meat substitute throughout Asia for years.

Chilli Con Carne Jackfruit 1kg
A vegan twist on the classic chilli con carne. Pulled Jackfruit with tomatoes & kidney beans in a classic chilli sauce. Ideal on wraps, as a jacket potato topping or simply heat and serve with rice for a vegan meal solution.

Launch price £5.55 throughout October
List £6.55 

BBQ Jackfruit 1kg
Pulled Jackfruit & onion in an authentic smokey BBQ sauce. A vegan alternative to BBQ Pulled Pork.

Launch price £5.55 throughout October
List £6.55 

August Newsletter

Raspberry Lemonade 12 x 500ml
Introductory price £6.39
Give your tastebuds a treat!
New to our Juice Burst range Raspberry Lemonade. 
List price after launch £7.39
Uncle Bens Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce 2 x 2.54kg
Launch Price £10.95
A sweet, hot and spicy chilli sauce with a hint of garlic.
Use straight from the jar, either as a sauce, marinade, dip, filling or topping. Just add Chicken Strips or Slices for a great meal solution.
List Price  £14.95

June Newsletter


Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings 4″

Only the simplest of ingredients go into Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings. Once baked to perfection, they’re then quickly frozen for freshness. Simply pop in the oven to add a touch of warmth to your family meal, any day of the week.



May Newsletter

Sanpellegrino 24x330ml

New to Premier Quality Foods Sanpellegrino.
Available in 3 flavours Orange, Lemon and Blood Orange.
Pack size 24 x 330ml each.

Aranciata (Orange)
Its unique deliciousness recalls Southern Italy atmosphere and taste…..

Limonata (Lemon)
From the finest sun-ripened lemons a tasty beverage reminiscent of the colours and tastes of Southern Italy.

Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange)
Oranges and blood oranges from Italy, these are the base of its delightful, intense fragrance.

£9.99 + VAT per case
(Limited time only)

April Newsletter

Flavoured Tortilla Wraps

Beetroot Wraps and Pumpkin Wraps both 40 x 30cm (12″)

Switch things up with flavoured wraps for increased appeal and fun, a twist on traditional handheld offerings.

Features and benefits:

* Vibrant and colourful *
* Soft-eating and flexible *
* Each contains 1 of your 5 a day *
* Source of fibre *
* Defrost and serve or microwave/oven bake to serve warm *
* Suitable for vegetarians and vegans *
* Defrosted shelf-life = 2 days *



Crucials Chilli Ketchup 1ltr

New Crucial sauce, Chilli Ketchup 1ltr
Thick & Rich Tomato Ketchup with a kick of Chilli